Lobby bar

Lobby bar of hotel Aqua Marina is situated by the entrance to the hotel. There are available also two outside restauarnt sitting, onde by the hotel and second directly by the Tepla river vith a magnificent view on the Mill Colonnade.


Our Chef invites you for this menu::




120 g Capresse (Mozzarella with tomatoes, olive oil and sweet basil)   110,- Kč

100 g Smoked Norwegian salmon served with lemon, a twig of dill, toast and butter   210,- Kč

120 g Sicilian sun dried tomatoes served on grilled eggplant   110,- Kč

120 g Ham from “Parma” with yellow meloun   120,- Kč

200 g Plate of  Czech cheeses   130,- Kč


Chicken broth with home-made noodles   55,- Kč

Cream of mushroom   55,- Kč


120 g Ragout of chanterelle mushrooms and shallots with cream sauce   195,- Kč

120 g Grilled prawns with garlic,  cherry tomatoes and toast   265,- Kč    
120g  Tandoori Chicken Breast baked on a skewer and served on lettuce   150,- Kč
1 ks   Chicken burger (bacon, chicken,vegetables,chips)   150,- Kč



120 g Baked camembert cheese with rucola, and cranberry dip   140,- Kč

150 g Potato gnocchi with Roquefort cheese and walnuts   135,- Kč

150 g Fusilli al-pesto with grilled vegetables and Parmesan cheese   135,- Kč

120g Fried cheese, tartar sauce   130,- Kč


200 g Grilled fillet of fresh salmon served on spinach   290,- Kč

1 ks  Roasted  trout with herb butter   190,- Kč

200 g South Bohemian carp a la Miller’s style   190,- Kč

200g Roasted pikeperch with butter   290,- Kč


200 g Pepper beef steak   420,- Kč

200 g Pork steak with garlic   190,- Kč

200 g Grilled chicken steak with spicy chilli hair   190,- Kč

200 g Mix grill Aqua Marina   230,- Kč                     

200 g Pork tenderloin medallions served with grilled mushrooms    250,- Kč      
200 g Baked pork tenderloin filled with mozzarella and dried tomatoes   250,- Kč

300 g Veal cutlets served with spinach   320,- Kč

200 g Pork or chicken schnitzel   180,- Kč

400 g Baked pork ribs, barbecue sauce, bread     290,- Kč


Caesar salad   160,- Kč

Variation of leaf salads flavored with grill salmon   180,- Kč      
             Mixed vegetable salad with Feta cheese   80,- Kč

Vegetable salad with tuna and  egg   140,- Kč



French fries   45,- Kč

Boiled potatoes   45,- Kč

American potatoes   45,- Kč

Jasmine rice  45,- Kč

Potato pancakes (3 pieces)    55,- Kč

Leaf spinach with butter and cream    55,- Kč

Grilled vegetables   55,- Kč


Hot raspberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream   90,- Kč

Crepes with fruit, chocolate and vanilla ice cream   80,- Kč

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream   65,- Kč

Daily selection of confectioneries and cakes